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My name is Tim Morris. I currently dwell in Northwest Georgia on my estate, Withering Cedars, nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, with my lovely wife and two beautiful daughters, where I teach high school American literature. I have been writing poetry for the majority of my life. I write about what I see around me. When asked, I describe my style as "realist romantic surrealism". The environment, sex, jazz, religion, politics, family, etc., are the subjects on which I tend to focus. When I am not writing, I play the banjo, didgeridoo, or drums or wander aimlessly shooting odd objects with my camera.

Friday, January 21, 2011

"Coping With Winter From Dusk 'til Dawn"

i caught a sliver
of dusk
trying to escape
between branches
of oak and elm,
wrapped it around
my finger,
and slid it into 
a bottle of wine.

it burned at first,
but as evening
waxed into night,
and the contents
of my jug waned,
the luscious juice
ran like honey
across my tongue --
sedative and soporific
in the blue-gray clumsiness
of a three-day
georgia snow.

there's little more
to do on days like this
than drink, screw,
and chase the sunset 
across the hills
with hatchet
or lead pipe
while james carter
scorches the brain bone
with precipitous turns
of ambrosial blessedness.

in the end,
when my bottle
lays empty on the carpet
and my woman lies naked
across the bed,
i'll remember
that sliver of dusk...
the heat it induced...
the ecstasy it injected
through my veins...
and sleep soundly,
confident that dawn
will eventually attempt
another escape
between branches
of oak and elm.


Andreas said...

"i caught a sliver of dusk trying to escape between branches of oak and elm,wrapped it around my finger,and slid it into a bottle of wine."

great image. it's absurd and yet seem so familiar to me.

i'm having one of those days were everything seems to speak to me of joy and love. so this poem finds me were i live.

be well.

The Junkyard Poet said...

i wrote it out of joy, so i'm glad you felt that when reading. i'm into the surreal aspects of poetry (if you haven't yet noticed), so the "absurd" comment is a welcomed compliment!

thanks for reading!

~C said...

I'm really loving this poem, Tim, stunning words.. ~