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My name is Tim Morris. I currently dwell in Northwest Georgia on my estate, Withering Cedars, nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, with my lovely wife and two beautiful daughters, where I teach high school American literature. I have been writing poetry for the majority of my life. I write about what I see around me. When asked, I describe my style as "realist romantic surrealism". The environment, sex, jazz, religion, politics, family, etc., are the subjects on which I tend to focus. When I am not writing, I play the banjo, didgeridoo, or drums or wander aimlessly shooting odd objects with my camera.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

9 new haiku

little falling leaf,
strobing crimson in noon's light,
your strength, it invokes.

amber sunlight jumps
from tree to tree, leaf to me,
sweet music indeed.

beyond the treeline,
highways sing a dirty song.
a coyote howls!

sweet grandmother elm,
your tenderness with children,

mountain splitting light
between frog pond and hawk nest...
there, sorrow is lost.

i drink junkyard wine
from a dirty, dented can...
mother's milk indeed!

talk is cheap and stained.
silence your tongue and rise up.
dance with idiot joy!

sunlight creeps, retreats.
shadows dominate heaven
until the moon reigns.

the tick of a clock.
subtle vibrations of breath.
rivers flow and flow.


Jenny Enochsson said...

Wonderful work, Tim! I follow the rhythm and flowing imagery and enjoy it. Very musical. The howling coyote makes the poem polyphonic. I have never heard/seen a coyote. We only have have wolves up here, but they are cool too, of course.

The Junkyard Poet said...

Thank you for the kind words Jenny. We have coyotes all over the place here in North Georgia. The constant construction of new houses drives them from their homes into our neighborhoods. I find them beautiful.

~C said...

That was wonderful haikus, Tim, many great layers of imagery, so much fun to read! ~

The Junkyard Poet said...

Thanks Carla. As always, I appreciate you reading my stuff and leaving such kind words.

leigh tuplin said...

These really are great! Such strong imagery. Less is so much more here.

The Junkyard Poet said...

Thank you Leigh. I simply love the haiku. I have so much fun, and luck, with them!