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My name is Tim Morris. I currently dwell in Northwest Georgia on my estate, Withering Cedars, nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, with my lovely wife and two beautiful daughters, where I teach high school American literature. I have been writing poetry for the majority of my life. I write about what I see around me. When asked, I describe my style as "realist romantic surrealism". The environment, sex, jazz, religion, politics, family, etc., are the subjects on which I tend to focus. When I am not writing, I play the banjo, didgeridoo, or drums or wander aimlessly shooting odd objects with my camera.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"simple salvation"

holstered in a pocketof november wind,
that noiseless patient spider
has embraced its isolation,
floating on its filament
toward the osculation
of an afternoon sun.

and now, perhaps,
from this promontory
on which i stand,
on this simple ball of dust,
i too will find an escape
from the vulgarity
of sober existence.

drunk on the wine of confusion,
i'll stumble headlong
through the grass
and into the waiting arms
of some tragedy
so i can enjoy my abrupt
appearance on this tiny stage
in silence,
laughing, behind my tears,
at the absurdity
of it all.

(Inspired by Walt Whitman's "A Noiseless Patient Spider") 

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~C said...

Oh, I honestly think that this was one of your best out of those many poems on "your" myspace. I'm so glad to be able to read you here and there...thank you for sharing this beautiful poem, dear...